How to buy induction cooker

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There are a lot of induction cooker brands above the market now, so how do we choose, basically see the following points:
  1. Should choose and buy well-known induction cooker brand, the brand of induction cooker on the market now is very much, suggest everybody choose and buy beautiful, Jiuyang, wait for more well-known brand, electric appliance can produce certain radiate commonly, induction cooker also is such, the induction cooker that suggests to choose high quality can better safeguard your safety.
  2. It is recommended to buy ceramic as panel material, ceramic induction cooker roof, general heat conduction effect is good, induction cooker panel to choose can be waterproof.
  3.  Choose the induction cooker to pay attention to the purchase of appropriate power, pay attention to the choice of induction cooker in line with your family use, generally choose to buy 1000 watts to 2000 watts can.
  4. The purchase of induction cooker should pay attention to check whether the appearance of the furnace surface is smooth and non-destructive, when buying, pay attention to the flatness of the furnace surface, if the furnace surface is not smooth, it will affect the uneven heating and so on, it is not recommended to buy.
  5. Buy induction cooker should pay attention to the induction cooker turned over shaking, look at the fan, look at the connection is not loose and so on, after the electricity should pay attention to observe the induction cooker has no obvious noise and friction sound, no swing rotation phenomenon and so on.
  6.  In the purchase of induction cooker, in addition to pay attention to the quality of the product itself, but also pay attention to check after-sales service and so on, professional induction cooker brand should have customer service center in the local, there will be after-sales service certificate.


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